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Belarus news

6 2018

Belarus to receive the sixth tranche of EFSR within a month

Belarus will receive the sixth tranche of EFSR within a month. This was announced today to journalists by the Deputy Chairman of the EDB Andrei Krainy, BelTA.

"This is a very technical issue, I am currently processing documents, I think that within a month, money will be definitely given," Andrei Krainy said, referring to the timing of Belarus receiving the sixth tranche of the $ 200 million EFSD loan. 

As for the seventh tranche, the conditions for it will be clarified. There are a list of procedures to be performed, he explained.

Andrei Krainy stressed that both the EFSR and the EDB are inclined to continue cooperation with the Belarusian side. "Belarus is very actively credited to the bank, it takes the third place in terms of loans after Kazakhstan and Russia, we are satisfied with this cooperation, the projects are good, and then Belarus often gives sovereign guarantees for loans." For bankers this is a help, "he said.

So, under consideration is a project for $ 100 million to finance the production of components at the MTZ.

As reported, Belarus in the first half of 2015 applied for a new loan of $ 3 billion to the EurAsEC Anti-Crisis Fund (now called the Eurasian Stabilization and Development Fund - EFSR). Subsequently, the initially announced amount of the loan for Belarus in $ 3 billion decreased to $ 2 billion. The funds are provided by seven tranches. 

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