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Belarus news

5 2018

BelAZ in January-August increased exports by 46.1%

In January-August, BelAZ Holding, the management company of BelAZ Holding, increased exports by 46.1% compared to the same period in 2017, BelTA learned from the company.

Since the beginning of the year, BelAZ-branded products have been supplied to 28 countries around the world. The main sales markets were Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Serbia, Estonia, Poland, Bulgaria and Indonesia. Shipments to CIS countries (excluding Russia) increased almost 2.2 times, to Russia - 1.3 times. Most often, quarry dump trucks with carrying capacity of 110-130 tons were shipped.

According to operative data, the volume of industrial production in current prices relative to the same period last year increased by 63.7%.

"The volumes of production and sales of BelAZ products are growing every month: investments are being made to acquire modern high-performance equipment, new jobs are being created, and workers are getting decent wages," the company said.

BelAZ is the leading holding company of the BelAZ-Holding holding, the world's largest producer of large and extra-large dump trucks, as well as other heavy transport equipment used in the mining and construction industries.

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