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An appropriate infrastructure is setfor the development of tourism in the area: 26 hotels and other types of accommodation, 18 sanatoria and sanitation organizations, more than 600 retail properties, including about 200 catering facilities (45 –of roadside service), 1 camping, 1 hunting complex and 1 hunter and fisherman's house, 202 farmsteads.

44 organizations offer their services for improving the health and accommodation of population in the area, among them: 7 sanatoria, 2 rehabilitation health centres, 5 health centres, 1 rest home, 3 resorts, 18 hotels, 1 hotel complex, 7 other facilities for accommodation and recovery.

One-time capacity of sanatorium and health organizations is 3290 places, placing funds - 1667 places. The main load falls on sanatoria - more than 60%.

12 tourist organizations are сurrently registered in the district, including 1 - working in the area for inbound tourism; 8 - outbound tourism; 3 -inbound and outbound tourism.

The export of tourist services is carried out by 35 district organizations, including 15 institutions of spa and recreational purposes (87% of export of tourist services) and 20 hotels and similar accommodation facilities (13%).

83% of the total export of tourist services fall on the realization of a complex of tourist services (cards of admission, tours), 15% - on hotel services, 2% - on other services.

Institutions and organizations of the district continue to develop activities that help to increase the export of tourist services. Namely, the inclusion of a wider range of services in the tour "Weekend" (billiards, sports equipment rentals, barbeque, pavilions, free servises; abatement in prices of paid medical services for foreign citizens (introduction of common prices for residents and non-residents); providing excursion services by non-district organizations; organization of transport services (transfer from (to) train stations and airports); service of providing sports facilities (gyms, stadiums, racetracks, tennis courts, billiards); organization and arrangement of festive programs; renting of the conference rooms, pavilions; additional beauty services and spa treatments; arranging ) the working time of medical offices 7 days a week.

A farm (agroecotourism) tourism is still a promising direction in the development of the tourist industry. 202 rural farmsteads work in the area.

Most of the tourists visiting our farmsteads are from Belarus and Russia, as well as guests from Ukraine, Lithuania, the USA, Germany and Poland.

For the implementation of the long-term projects in this direction OJSC "Belagroprombank" has provided favorable loans to the owners of 3 farmsteads in all in the first half of 2016. The total sum of the loans is 126 thousand denominated rubles.

Hunting tourism is also being developed in the area. Popular hunting houses are "Manor" Ohotnic u duba " (a hunting complex) KLH" Minsk Forestry "and a hunter and fisherman's house" Manyly "FME" Krasnoselskoe. "

Water tourism is well developed in the area too. Water reservoirs Zaslavl (MinskSea), Krynitsa, Drozdy, Vyacha, Ptich, Krylovo, Tsnyanskoe are popular places of mass recreation.

Eco-tourism is well developed. Reserves of the republican value (8 altogether), of which 5 - biological: Priluksky, Podsady, Stiklevo, Glebkovka, Yukhnovsky and 3 - landscape: Prilepsky, Kupala, Treskovschina and reserves of the local importance (2 biological in all) Krynica , Sokoliny are at the disposal of tourists.

The nature monumentsof the national importance (4 in all) are "The geological outcrop Zaslavl" (geology); "The boulder of granite-gneiss" (Stone Love) (geology); "Dubrava" (botanical); "Holy Springs Krynica" (hydrological). The nature monuments of the local importance (3 in all ) are Park "Ignatichi" (botanical); "Fused oak and pine" (botanical); "Rogowski springs" (hydrological).

The following fishing grounds: the reservoir "Selyuty" , the water object on the river Isloch near Zvenyachi, the pond near the village Samuelevo, the pond "Pralnya", the pond "Gaydukovka", the reservoir "Dubrovsky" are granted on lease.

There are two rivers on the territory of the district the Svisloch and the Ptich. There are 6 recreation areas: Zaslavl (MinskSea), Vyacha, Ptich (Volkovichskoe), Kryniza, Krylovo, Drozdy. There are some deposits of mineral water.

16 tourist excursion and ecological routes to historical and memorable places are created. They include 7 routes with active ways of movement and 8 "green". The most interesting excursion tours are a historical and cultural complex "Stalin Line", GU "Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve" Zaslavl, "Museum of Folk Architecture and Life" Strochitsy", the former estate of Count Chapski in ag.Priluki, etc.

One of the ecological routes is "The Mysterious life of predatory birds." The type of the tour is bicycle, environmental, naturalistic (ornithological). The length of the route is 16 km.

The route represents the mosaic landscape in the southern part of the Minsk district, which includes a pine forest, a park zone, an oak grove, open agricultural fields, wetlands. These areas are the habitat of birds of prey, including the birds which are rare and are listed in the Red Book of Belarus.

The green route "On the trail of a falcon" is developed in the reserve "Sokoliny" for weekend excursions to do bird watching. The route is designed according to the new methodology in the framework of the programme "Ecological education of pupils in environmental protection activities" and the national project "GreenSchool" of Children and Youth Tourism and Local History Centre "Vetraz" Minsk district.

The route " On the trail of a falcon" is intended primarily for bird watching. In the course of the route information boards are set. The boards depict birds with a short description of them. On each board there is only one bird. The plates are unique because they mind biological characteristics of the birds and are set in those places where the appropriate species sing. As a result, being near a certain plate with the image of a bird, any holidaymaker even in the absence of the guide is likely to be able to hear or see the appropriate type.

In addition, combined routes are popular. They combine different types of movement (motor and non-motorized) and interesting sights on the way of the tourists: natural areas and facilities, historical and architectural monuments, museums and ancestral homes of famous personalities.

These routes unite not only the settlements of the region, but also pass through the territory of other regions, which allows to support the development of environment- friendly tourism and recreation and to promote a healthy lifestyle.

The district has 169 historical and cultural sites, among them 51 archaeological monuments, 14 - architecture, palace and manor-park ensembles.

Event tourism is very popular. Such cultural events are held: the XVI Festival of Music "Zaslavl 2016", the cultural event "Masleniza", the cultural event "The Age of Chivalry", the IV International Retro Moto Festival "Kola Chasu 2016".

For the development of sports and recreation and sports tourism in the area there are 413 fitness and sports facilities of all agencies, including: 185 planar sports facilities, 44 typical gyms, 5 horse arenas, 2 racing tracks (1ski mountain and 1 ski roller), indoor ice rink, a rowing channel, 6 swimming pools, 9 mini-pools, 27 gyms and many other objects.

Minsk region has a unique opportunity to use the potential of 6 Republican Olympic sport training centres, on the basis of which international sport public events were held this year: 2016 World Cup Canoe Sprint U 23 , the International biathlon festival "Race of Legends - Stars of Biathlon for Peace"), which were attended not only by the athletes from abroad, but also by the numerous guests.

Many objects (historical, cultural, sports, etc.) have their own websites in the Internet.

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